Sunday, March 21, 2010

Latest news from Haggerston Safer Neighbourhoods Team

The latest Haggerston Safer Neighbourhoods team newsletter is out and can be found here.

It includes information about the "Hackney Says Relax" campaign run in Shoreditch over the festive period.

It also outlines the latest policing priorities set by local people at their recent CAP Panel meeting:
• Anti-social behaviour - drugs • Anti-social behaviour - youths • Squatters

On this last priority there has been recent action to evict 17 squatters from the Haggerston Estate which is being redeveloped to provide new homes for residents.

Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, Alan Laing, said: “These squatters spoilt the quality of life for tenants who were still in the block and those living close by. Due to the premises closure order, they are finally out of the block and vital improvement works can now carry on for the estate.”

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