Monday, December 13, 2010

Redistribution - Tory style

Eric Pickles, the Local Government Secretary, today announced the settlement for councils across England. It would appear the Tories have finally embraced the concept of redistribution of wealth....

Highest cuts to "revenue spending power" :

LB Hackney 8.9%
LB Tower Hamlets 8.9%
LB Newham 8.9%
Manchester MBC 8.9%
Rochdale MBC 8.9%

Lowest cuts to "revenue spending power":

Wokingham 0.63%
Richmond-upon-Thames 0.61%
Buckinghamshire 0.60%
Surrey 0.31%
Dorset +0.25% (an increase not a cut)

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Book Club Goes for 4am Licence

The Book Club
100/106 Leonard Street
London EC2A 4RH

Application for premises licence for films, live music, recorded music, performance of dance, anything of similar description, making music, facilities for dance, entertainment of similar description and supply of alcohol from 09:00 to 02:00am Monday to Thursday and from 09:00 to 04:00am Friday to Saturday and late night refreshment from 23:00 to 02:00am Monday to Thursday and from 23:00 to 04:00am Friday to Saturday.

Closing date for representations is 21 December. Get in touch if you want to discuss.