Saturday, May 08, 2010

Election Result

Yesterday the local election results in Hackney were announced. It was a great set of results for Labour - holding all our seats with big majorities and winning seats from the Greens and the Tories. Jules Pipe was re-elected Mayor with 58% of the vote.

A big thank you to all the people who helped in the campaign in Haggerston and to all the residents who have placed their trust in Labour Councillors for another four years.Results for Haggerston below:

ARROWSMITHChristianLiberal Democrats1,272
BEATTIEGeoffreyConservatives  764
BULLOCKDoreenConservatives  785
FONTAINESamantha VeronicaConservatives  756
MCSHANEJonathan DominicLabour2,380
MUNNAnn ElizabethLabour2,198
PAYNEGeoffreyLiberal Democrats1,121
RAEBenThe Liberal Party135
SLOBODAJohnLiberal Democrats808

Turnout: 54%
Total votes cast: 5,006